The richest of the cemetery

We all know life is short, with all the problems that we never solve
But don’t you think is possible that we may not be here tomorrow?
I’ve been told so many times, reckless life is going to rob you blind
But something’s better than anything
And with this little I’m going to feel like a king
The pleasures we’re allowed are few you know
And what are you supposed to do when you’re old?
Sitting on a pile of memories
Reminiscing about everything?
What are you saving your money for?
What are you exactly trying to do?
What are you saving your money for?
You’ll be the richest of the cemetery
Oh mama, your boy is just fine
Because being on a nickel is a state of mind
I know you’re desiring a change in me
But the less I have the more I want everything
Paper’s burning in my pocket what you’re going to do?
Then why don’t you just try that feeling too?
Let it loose for once, then you’ll see
That you’re going to feel good just like me

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